Remote Drum Recording And Full Production Options

I’m offering remote drum sessions of the highest quality using the gear listed below at Viktoria Studios in Copenhagen Denmark.

Options include recording drums for one of your songs, your ep or a full album and sessions are not limited to just drums. I offer drums, songwriting, lyric writing and producing and can enlist top session musicians to record guitar, bass, keys, horns or vocals for your music. I’ll work within your budget.

Get in touch through the Contact page to take your music to the next level. I look forward to hearing from you!

Clients include:

Rufus Miller (Sting), Supreme Music (Music for Advertising: McDonald’s, Opel, Rewe, Penny etc.), Bryan Baker, What Da Funk, Evren Edler

Audio Samples of Music or drums only I recorded and /or produced at Viktoria Studioa

Drums for this spot recorded remotely at Viktoria Studios Copenhagen. Paul Kaiser: Drums. Peter Iversen: Engineer

Gear at Viktoria Studios:


NTP 24 channel. (Danish Radio broadcast console 1975)

Analogue Recording:

Lyrec TR 532. 24 track tape recorder 2”


Pro Tools HD2

2 X Digidesign 192, 24 in/out


Dynaudio Acoustics bm5

Yamaha NS-10

Jbl 4410

Tannoy system 6 NFM II (Optional)

Genelec 8430 (Optional)


API 2500 stereo comp

8 X Danfield 716a comp/gate

EMT 140 Plate

AKG BX20 Spring

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Dynacord Echocord Tape delay

Ibanez AD-230 Analog Delay/Flanger

Lyrec valve preamp (TR1 1950)



2 X Coles 4038 ribbon

2 X Sennheiser 441

4 X Sennheiser 421

3 X Shure sm57

1 X Shure sm58

2 X Electro Voice 635A

1 X Electro Voice 664A

3 x B&O bm6

Neumann TLM 103

SE Electronics Z5600

Røde NT1

Akg C451B

Cascade Fathead stereo ribbons

Shure 520DX Green Bullet


Hindsberg Piano upright

Hammond Organ B3

Farfisa Organ

Pump Organ

Jupiter 4

Logan Stringer

Roland Organ/Strings 09

Roland SH200


Fender Studio bass

Fender Twin reverb

Vox AC 30


Ludwig Drums 70’s and newer

Trixon drumset 60’s

Rogers drumset 70’s

Array of Vintage Ludwig, Slingerland and Gretsch Snaredrums

Zildjian Cymbals

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